Question:  What do policy analyst, Jack McHugh; political commentator, George F. Will and Professor of Law, Rebecca Haw Allensworth have in common?

Answer: Working independently (a) They discovered the corruption throughout the country’s occupational licensing boards; (b) They understood that the advertised purpose of these board––i.e.,  ‘consumer safety’––is a deception intentionally perpetrated upon the public and (c) They each used the phrase ‘dirty little secret’ to describe the nature of this corruption while discussing the licensing board problem in public forums. 

For example: While testifying before the US House Judiciary committee, in September 2017 Professor Allensworth summarized the results of her research (eventually published in the California Law Review, Volume 105, Issue 6, 2018), as licensing boards’ dirty little secret. Her results revealed that 85% of every board in the country, approximately 1500 of them, are boards in name only. In practice, they’re cartels. Ms. Allensworth explained to federal legislators,

  1. The “dirty little secret’ behind licensing boards is that very little of what they do resembles government activity. While growing to become the largest labor institution in American history, they have too often become a self-serving institutions that act like cartels instead of protectors of public health and safety.

This website documents the results of yet another research endeavor, a single case study, if you will. Over the course of three years, we investigated the activities of a single board with particular attention paid to the role of their attorney. 

For decades, seven individuals, four of whom are licensed psychologists––collectively known as the Colorado Board of Psychologist Examiners––have been engaging in nefarious activities that bear little or no relationship to their government issued mandate but rather, serve to enhance their own financial interests. In addition, the Board operates without oversight or accountability. In other words, they can do whatever they want, whenever they want, no matter how irrational, illegal or destructive to others.

Moreover, their attorney is half the problem. Tasked with executing their most unlawful activities, the attorney routinely fabricates evidence and knowingly creates groundless accusations against innocent professionals, often revoking their licenses to practice without regard for the evidence; and in light of her association with Colorado’s Attorney General––she herself is an Assistant Attorney General––she operates with immunity. In a word, their attorney makes certain, the Board’s dirty little secret remains a secret.

The article to follow describes one of the Board’s more recent conquests, the devastation of an innocent professional’s life whose only misdeed was an attempt to assist an elderly man.

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